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200$ for marijuana. A fan of “weed” offered a bribe to border guards
22/11/21 - 08:02

In the Donetsk region, at the entry exit checkpoint “Novotroitske”, the service dog of border guards detected a traveler with drugs. In addition, the man decided to “settle the issue” with a bribe.

The violator was driving a Renault car through the above-mentioned checkpoint to temporarily occupied Donetsk. During the inspection of the vehicle, the border patrol noticed a smoking device in the cabin. For an in-depth check of the driver and car, a dog handler was involved with a service dog trained to search for narcotic substances.

The border guard dog pointed to the pockets of the driver's clothing, who took out 2 packages with a substance of plant origin of gray-green color from his jacket. The 45-year-old man explained that he sometimes smokes “weed” to “relax”, so he decided to take a small supply of marijuana with him on the trip. The man tried to “settle the issue” with a bribe of 200$ US.

Border guards demonstrated zero tolerance for corruption and refused illegal benefits. But a report was sent to the police about the detection of signs of two criminal offenses related to the illegal storage and transportation of drugs and an attempt to bribe an official. The bribe-giver, a marijuana connoisseur, was handed over to the police for appropriate procedural actions.

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