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16/08/21 - 08:01

The court sentenced a Ukrainian citizen who was involved in amber smuggling.

The court sentenced a Ukrainian citizen who was involved in amber smuggling.

Based on the materials of operatives of the 7th Carpathian Border Guard Detachment, in the spring of 2021 the URPI registered criminal proceedings against a citizen of Ukraine who tried to smuggle precious stones weighing over 65 kg to Poland through the Shehyni BCP.

The trial in the criminal proceedings against a 40-year-old resident of Khmelnytskyi region on the fact of illegal acquisition, storage and transportation of amber, the legality of which is not confirmed by relevant documents, has been completed. As it became known, the offender while in Sudova Vyshnia, Yavoriv district, Lviv region, acted intentionally, illegally, was guided by a selfish motive, realizing the socially dangerous nature of his actions, and transported amber stones in the state of raw materials weighing almost 66 kg, worth UAH 259,428.67 across the state border of Ukraine to the Republic of Poland, for a monetary reward, received from an unknown person. Later he placed the purchased amber stones in the structural holes of the bottom of the vehicle body - a Volkswagen car, and further tried to transport the amber across the state border.

Given that the defendant admitted his guilt, prosecutors entered into a plea agreement with the suspect.

The court approved the agreement and sentenced the convict to 4 years in prison. Material evidence amber was confiscated for state revenue.

It should be noted that three more trials of other amber smugglers took place earlier.

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