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BLACK SEA SHOOTER 2021 border guards won silver in the overall mens stadings
14/09/21 - 08:00

The international competition "Black sea shooter 2021" has come to the end in Odessa.

28 teams, including representatives of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the Military Law Enforcement Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Police, the Special Operations Forces, the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Guard, the Marines, Assault Troops, the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, several domestic educational institutions, as well as teams from the United States and Canada participated in the international competition "Black Sea Shooter 2021". In addition to foreign special forces teams, three women's teams has made their debut this year.

The shooting competition lasted at the Military Academy training ground for 3 days. The bright spectacle was breathtaking: well-equipped, trained, real specialists of various law enforcement agencies of Ukraine demonstrated their ability to defend the country. The competition program included various tests. In particular, the participants of the event performed shooting exercises after physical activity, demonstrated their skills in tactical medicine, first aid, evacuation of the wounded. In addition, the servicemen won the championship in shooting exercises in the conditions of covering the evacuation of the wounded.

The third prize in the general men's competition was won by the team of Group of the special operations Center "A" of the Security Service of Ukraine in SSU Administration in Mykolaiiv region;

The second prize went to the team of the 10th mobile border guard detachment of the border guard division "DOZOR" in Odessa.

The first prize was won by the team of the Rapid Response Corps Office of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kyiv.

The third place in the overall standings among women was won by the team of Odessa State University of Internal Affairs. The second place went to the 138th center of the Military Law Enforcement Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the first place went to the women's team of the Military Academy (Odessa).

Tired but satisfied, all participants of the Championship are ready to go on training. All of them are solid in their opinion that such competitions provide inspiration and desire to become stronger in order to fight for Ukraine.

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