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Border guards detected a large consignment of Apple gadgets on the border with Poland
12/09/21 - 08:00

A 35-year-old Ukrainian citizen was going to take into more than 2,300 iPhone devices secretly from abroad

The Ukrainian was going through the “Shehyni” checkpoint by a Mercedes minibus.

During the border control, border guards together with customs officers initiated in-depth car inspection.

Later, in the luggage compartment of the vehicle under the second hand spare parts, law enforcement officers found hidden iPhone products.

There were 775 phones of various new and second hand models, 1.3 thousand headphones, 10 displays, 134 tablets, 73 laptops and 40 pens.

The total number of new equipment was more than 1.7 thousand units, second hand - about 600 units.

The border guards handed over the findings to customs officers, the estimated amount of which could reach 17.5 million hryvnias. There is an investigation into the case.

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