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Border guards found three “problem” trucks in Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions
24/11/21 - 08:01

Three trucks were detained at the border last night by officers of the State Border Guard Service.

The reason for the detention was the offense found out by border guards. In particular, border guards of the Chernihiv detachment at the Senkivka border crossing point found signs of destruction of the body number of a semi-trailer for a Duff truck driven by a Turkish citizen.

In the Kharkiv region, at the Goptivka checkpoint on the border with Russia, border guards stopped two IVECO trucks at once, driven by Ukrainian citizens. They were on their way to enter Ukraine.

During the inspection of the vehicles, the border patrol revealed signs of complete destruction of the chassis identification numbers.

The drivers explained that they allegedly did not know about the destruction of the numbers, as they did not check the trucks before leaving.

According to the facts of the revealed offenses, they were sent to the National Police.

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