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Borderguards detected drones with cigarettes at the Ukrainian-Polish border
10/11/21 - 08:00

This is the fifth aircraft of smugglers detained by Ukrainian borderguards for the last two weeks.

Last night a borderguard patrol of the Rivne borderguard division heard the noise of the engine of the aircraft near the border with Poland. The unit on duty immediately informed the representatives of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and colleagues of the neighboring state. The drone probably had to make an emergency landing because the weather conditions at that time were unfavorable for flights.

At the same time, Polish borderguards detected an aircraft and 600 packs of cigarettes.

This fact was reported to the National Police. Unmanned aerial vehicle and fuel were confiscated.

Some measures are being taken to identify those involved in illegal activities.

Let`s remaind that last week borderguards detained four aircrafts that were apparently used for cigarette smuggling to the territory of the EU: an aeroshut in Transcarpathia, two drones in the Chernivtsi region and a homemade drone with cigarettes in Volyn.

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