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In Jagodyn, border guards found a Ukrainian with a forged Slovenian passport, ID-card and driver's license
29/11/21 - 08:01

A man who tried to enter the EU illegally was found yesterday by the border guards of the Volyn borderguard detachment.

On his way out of Ukraine through the Yahodyn border crossing point, the traveler provided a Slovenian passport for control. During the inspection of the document, the inspector had doubts about its authenticity. After examining the passport with the help of technical means of border control, law enforcement officers found that it was forged.

The man himself later admitted this, saying that he was a citizen of Ukraine. He used a fake to make it easier to get a job abroad. The Slovenian ID-card and driver's license, which the 39-year-old man presented to the border guards, also turned out to be forged.

A citizen will be brought to administrative responsibility for attempting to cross the state border illegally. In addition, border guards sent a report to the National Police to identify signs of a criminal offense.

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