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In Transcarpathia, border guards detained a group of illegals in cooperation with local residents
05/11/21 - 08:01

The key to success in protecting the state borders is, in particular, close cooperation between border guards and local residents.

Timely information helps law enforcement officers to anticipate the illegal intentions of people who intend to get to neighboring countries bypassing checkpoints. One more group of “travelers” was stopped last night halfway to the border by servicemen of the Guta branch of Novoselytsia Border Guard Department. A local resident reported the appearance of suspicious strangers to the border guards. He said he noticed three strangers heading towards the border. A border patrol advanced to the specified area.

One kilometer from the border, the military found three men. They had no documents and called themselves Iraqi citizens.

In order to establish the identity of the offenders and clarify the circumstances of the case, the foreigners were detained administratively and taken to the border unit. They will be prosecuted for attempting to cross the state border of Ukraine illegally.

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