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In Transcarpathia, border guards found a remote-controlled airshute and two operators
05/11/21 - 08:00

A Transcarpathian and a resident of Lviv Region, who were piloting a powerful drone remotely, were detained that night by border guards near the state border with Hungary. It is worth noting that this type of drone was detained by border guards for the fi

It was possible to expose the illegal act thanks to early information from operational officers of the State Border Guard Service.

At about 2 o'clock in the morning, the border guards of Luzhanka unit heard the noise of the engine of a small aircraft, which was heading to Hungary and back to Ukraine. The response team of operatives and a mobile unit of the Mukachevo Border Detachment immediately began activities to find the place of takeoff and landing of the aircraft.

In a few minutes on the outskirts of the settlement Zniatsevo, the military found an "iron bird" type aeroshute, but without a seat for the pilot. Border guards also found a car with a trailer for transporting a small aircraft and two Ukrainians aged 38 and 45, who were using a remote control to launch and operate the airshute.

If the men are found guilty, they will have to pay a fine from two hundred to a thousand non-taxable minimum incomes, or get the restriction of freedom for up to five years, or imprisonment for the same period.

Given the atypical technical changes to this airshute, there exists a reason to believe that it could have been used to move prohibited goods, objects or materials across the border.

As a result, the aircraft was delivered to the detachment's border unit. The investigation is ongoing.

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