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In the mountains of Bukovyna, border guards blocked the way for smugglers
06/11/21 - 08:00

Border guards of the Krasnoiilsk border guard division of the Chernivtsi border guard detachment exposed another smuggling deal on the Ukrainian-Romanian border.

The offenders planned to make their way through the mountains to the neighboring country, but had to leave the burden and run away.

Border guards fired warning shots, but the dealers did not stop, leaving their contraband in the middle of the forest.

As a result, more than 17 boxes of cigarettes “lost” by smugglers, containing 8,630 packs of cigarettes, were found near the border with Romania.

The search for the offenders is ongoing. Romanian border guards were also informed about possible allies on the other side of the border. Cigarettes will be handed over to the appropriate authorities in the prescribed manner.

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