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03/09/21 - 08:02

Representatives of the Special Operations Unit of the Mariupol Marine Guard Detachment conducted joint training with the Ukrainian Navy on parachute landings from helicopters to the Sea of Azov.

Fifteen well-trained special forces representatives practiced parachute jumps into the open sea from a helicopter that flew at an altitude of 3 to 5 meters.

This is not the first time when maritime border guards have practiced parachute-free landings. Previously, training camps were held in the Black Sea, near the Tendrivska spit. But in Azov, in the environmental protection zone, the special operations department carried out such training for the first time.

"The Sea of Azov has its own characteristics: specific depths, opacity of water, currents, winds, sea waves. And all these factors directly affect the quality of such landings. We realize that we must be ready for a variety of actions, be able to quickly and effectively counter the enemy, who does not shy away from the most insidious actions and provocations. That is why we are working out the widest range of possible ways to ensure that the task of counteracting sabotage groups, unlocking captured objects, etc. is carried out,” said Viacheslav, the commander of the group of Marine Guard representatives.

The second part of the training involved practicing a simulation of a rescue operation with the evacuation of people in need of assistance on the high seas. Descending from a helicopter on a special launch device, the servicemen lifted each other out of the water, working out situations both with an active person who counteracts the sea element and with the imitation of an exhausted or wounded victim.

Thanks to the logistical support of American partners from the EXBS Program, special units of the Marine Guard are equipped with modern diving and evacuation equipment and equipment to comfortably, efficiently and safely perform such tasks, both during training and in real conditions.

Such joint exercises of the Special Operations Unit of the Mariupol Marine Guard Detachment with units of the Ukrainian Navy in the Environmental Protection Agency are planned to be held regularly, as it provides a good opportunity to develop, share experience and provide a high level of combat training.

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