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Marine border guards have undergone an annual large-scale check for the coherence of the connection
18/11/21 - 08:00

The Regional Department of Marine Protection, Odessa, Izmail and Mariupol detachments and the Training Center were comprehensively and comprehensively involved in passing the exam on readiness to respond to the dynamic development of the situation in the

The task of the units was to organize and ensure the carrying out of the border guard service in real conditions and in the conditions of educational changes in the situation. Ensure the management of subordinate forces and means, as well as the performance of tasks by the Marine Border Guard Detachment in peacetime and military time.

The features of the real situation in the Azov and Black Sea region was reflected in all introductory, based on the likely development of the situation. The tasks of the on-duty service of military camps and bases of protection and defense, the tasks of the ship-boat composition, control points - both main and reserve - were as realistic and saturated as possible.

Detachments have worked out the direction and basic forms of measures for the coordination of forces and authorities, preparing them for navigation and organization of the border guard service, practical development of tactics and methods of border guard service in real conditions with integrated use of weapons and technical means, organization and support of cooperation with other forces and means.

According to the introductory marine border guards from the Danube to Azov in the specific conditions of unstable autumn weather fought for the survival of ships and boats, countered organized groups of aggressive elements storming military camps, took chemical protection measures, prepared to take mobilization reserve, verified information channels in terms of blocking communication systems, as well as ensuring effective interaction with colleagues from the land, border aviation, the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces and other interacting structures.

The ship and boat composition was to counteract at sea possible attempts to establish channels for the supply of weapons, drugs and other prohibited items, to conduct sabotage and reconnaissance activities of terrorist elements under the guise of fishing and other production activities in the marine industry, near ports and in places of purchase.

The main criterion that characterizes the degree of coherence of the connection is the implementation of the tasks, taking effective measures in solving the introductory, maximum conservation of forces and means, prevention of violations of the state border.

All detachments worked harmoniously and comprehensively. Thus, the main challenge in modern realities for each detachment of the Marine Guard in the form of simultaneous mobilization of all forces and means, a continuous series of dynamically emerging tasks requiring rapid response and management skills is overcome by daily effective operational and service activities based on reliable border protection. , high combat training and patriotism of each border guard. And on the peaceful banks of the Danube, and in the stormy Black Sea, and as part of the Environmental Protection Agency, in Azov.

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