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Operation «Unloading» - Minus Two Cars, One Violator and a Large Shipment of Cigarettes
10/09/21 - 08:00

On the 1st of September employees of operational units of Chernivtsi detachment together with Special Forces of DOZOR detained a violator, a consignment of tobacco products and two automobiles used to deliver cigarettes to the state border.

The border guards learned about the possible plans of the violators early, thanks to the advance information of operational units. This allowed law enforcement officers to identify the location of the violators faster. Having arrived at the specified area, the border guards saw tobacco boxes being unloaded from two vehicles 650 meters before the border. When the border guards tried to detain the violators, they threw the bags and turned to flee, ignoring the commands of the soldiers and the warning shots upwards that the border guards were forced to make.

During the pursuit they managed to detain one of the runaways. He turned out to be a 35-year-old Romanian citizen.

A foreigner, a Mitsubishi Shogun SUV of British registration and a Mercedes Sprinter minibus of Lithuanian registration together with tobacco products were taken to the section «Nyzhni Petrivtsi» of «Krasnoilsk» department.

Border guards also recorded two attempts to move 2 and 12 cases of tobacco products in the departments of «Krasnoilsk» and «Seliatyno».

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