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Seven Turkish Citizens Were Detained Near the Border with Hungary and Poland
08/09/21 - 08:02

The border guards of Mukachevo detachment detained four illegal migrants.

For example, recently, while patrolling the Ukrainian-Hungarian section of the border, border guards of «Luzhanka» department noticed four unknown men who were moving toward the state border. The strangers did not react to the legal demands of the border guards and tried to escape.

In pursuit of the runaways, the border guards fired a warning shot upwards, after which all four were detained and taken to the border guard unit. The detainees were Turkish citizens having their documents with them.

In addition, three Turkish citizens were detained by border guards of the Carpathian detachment on August 31. Border patrol from «Krakivets» department stopped foreigners, two 30-year-old men and a 24-year-old woman, in Lviv region, near the border with Poland. During a conversation with border guards, the detainees said that they wanted to enter the EU for employment. Now documents are being drawn up on the violators and the details of the violation are being established.

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