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Two offenders from Tajikistan were detained at the border with Russia
08/11/21 - 08:00

The State Border Guard Service continues to carry out systematic measures to effectively protect the state border.

The other day in Shostka rayon of Sumy oblast border guards found foreigners who violated Ukrainian legislation on border issues.

In particular, local residents of a frontier settlement approached the border guards and reported that two unknown persons driving a car were asking how it was possible to get into the Russian Federation outside the border checkpoints. In addition, they offered money for helping them do this.

The border guards immediately organized a search for the alleged offenders. Soon, near the Ukrainian-Russian border, near the village of Tovstodubove, the border guards stopped a Toyota Corolla car. The driver and a passenger, both citizens of Tajikistan, were in the vehicle. Foreigners could not explain the purpose of their stay in the border area.

In the course of further filtering activities, law enforcement officers determined that the citizen of Tajikistan, who was traveling as a passenger, pursued the goal of illegally crossing the border from Ukraine to Russia. He is currently detained for clarification of all the circumstances of the offense.

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