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Unsuccessful “tourist” routes. Border guards detained more than ten violators at the western sector of the border
19/11/21 - 08:01

Eight Turkish citizens and three Polish citizens were detained by border guards of Lviv and Chernivtsi border guard detachments.

A border detail of Nismychi border guard division (Lviv border guard detachment) stopped a Skoda car for inspection on the outskirts of one of the the village of Chervonohrad district, near the border with Poland. A Turkish citizen and six of his compatriots who had identity documents, including a minor, were driving a car. During the conversation, the foreigners tried to convince the border guards that they were bloggers and were going to film the picturesque border. However, during the subsequent conversation, it was announced that they had paid $ 700 to the driver to get to the border, and later planned to get to the EU countries,- to Germany. In another case, a border patrol of the Sianky border guard division of the same detachment found and detained three people who had violated the state border from Poland to Ukraine. The foreigners did not have documents and informed the border guards that they were tourists. After the inspection, the border guards established that the detainees were Polish citizens at the age of 24. They took a tourist route to the source of the Sian River, but got lost. Two more Turkish citizens, who apparently also got lost, were detained by border guards of Kelmentsi border guard division of  Chernivtsi border guard detachment at the Ukrainian-Moldovan border. Although the men did not admit that they were coming from Moldova, the marks in the documents indicated the opposite. Whether foreigners were going to Ukraine now is not a fact, but most likely, they confused the route and planned to get to the EU countries.

Now the details of the offense are being clarified and documents on the attempted and violation of the state border of Ukraine are being drawn up for all detainees.

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