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Procedure for filling an immigration card

18/11/19 - 10:57

The immigration card is filled in by a foreigner or by a person without citizenship personally or as an exception by a person who accompanies/escorts a foreigner or a person without citizenship, separately for each person who is registered in the passport document and crosses the state border with the owner of this document separately:

  • at the checkpoint of the state border during the entrance into Ukraine;
  • in a vehicle of international connection;
  • in case of downloading it from the official website of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine it allowed to be filled in any place.

The immigration card is filled in by printed Latin letters or with the help of Cyrillic alphabet, in each file separately according to the point of the card identically in both parts of it. The card is filled in with ink or a ballpoint pen of blue or violet colour.

The points are: “Date of birth”,”№ of the passport”,”№ of the visa”, ”children's birth dates”,”№ of the transport vehicle” are filled with Arabic numbers.

Having filled the points from 1-12 of the part “Arrival” and the points 1-5 of the part “Departure”, a foreigner or a person without citizenship puts his personal sign in points 13 and 6 correspondingly.



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